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Safely accessing lateinit variables

Lateinit variables are handy when we can't define a variable value upfront. Let's see how we can safely access lateinit variables without crashing our program.

Uniform list access with subscripts

Subscripts make accessing data from lists unambiguous. Let's see how we can add subscripts support for our custom data models.

Computed properties with property getters

Ever wanted to create a derived property out of some existing ones? Let's see how we can create computed properties with Kotlin property getters.

Low-overhead wrappers using inline classes

Wrappers shouldn't slow down our programs. Let's have a look at how we can use inline classes to create type-safe lightweight wrappers.

Writing clean models using extensions

Logic inside model classes? This week we will see how to maintain visual boundaries between logic and data in model classes.

Maintaining crisp code with type aliases

Type aliasing is that small but nifty feature that will help you keep your code readable. Let's see how.

Type-safe time calculations using Duration

Dealing with time calculations can be a headache. Let's see how Kotlin's new Duration class makes it easy.

Introducing OkKotlin

Say hello to the shiny new weekly publication on Kotlin. Find out why I decided to start this new publication.